HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M830 series - Booklet-maker output-bin capacities

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Booklet-maker output-bin capacities

The actual capacities of the booklet-maker output bin is 150 sheets of plain paper. However, the booklet

maker has been designed to accept only 25-staple jobs capacity at one time, regardless of the number of

pages in each job. For the booklet bin, it does not take long before reaching full capacity. Therefore,

customers may see an Output bin full message on the control panel before the bin reaches full capacity.

With 20 jobs, the bin looks full because of its small size.

Table 1-24

Booklet-maker output-bin capacities

Output bin

Actual capacity of output bin

Number of staple jobs accepted

Bin capacity for booklet maker


Output-bin 3

150 sheets of plain paper


Varies depending on paper type

25 sheet jobs or 150 sheets

(whichever comes first)


Based on 75 g/m


(20 lb) paper


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